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To do one action at a time, and nothing else

Moment #1   


People are always running somewhere, always late, always anticipating what will be next with a constant need of action, of sound. Moving forward but not noticing the way.
Now it’s a good time to stop and start paying attention to the small actions going on around us. Unnoticed but essential. Consciously savor every little moment. Because there is no rush.


How to drink a glass of water, by Marina Abramovic

"So, let me learn you how to drink the water. You know the water is something we drink every day, but not consciously, so it’s very simple. It’s like wine glass, it’s not my choice but that is what it is, and what you have to do is hold the glass in your hand and close your eyes. I just feel it, the coldness and the wetness of the glass itself. Breathe.Think about nothing special except that moment, drinking. Put the glass next to the lips, just kind of rest lips against the glass, for why.
So the idea of this is to do everything one action at a time and nothing else.
So the principle is: you take a little zip of the water, feel the coldness, wetness, feel how the water goes into your mouth, goes into (your) body, nourishing cells. And drink this glass, 30 minutes, and nothing else. That’s it."


You can see the complete performance here: