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For us what we do is as important as how we do it. That is why we put sustainability at the center of our production process, to create special pieces that respect the planet. We are not perfect, we learn every day and we try to improve ourselves in each capsule. We believe that sustainability is achieved in balance and is improved with enough information for a conscious shopping decition.
What we do
For us, what we do, is as much important as how we do it. That’s why we put sustainability in the center of our creative process, so we can create special pieces that respect the planet as much as we do. But what does it mean?
We only use fabrics made from recycled yarn or organic fibers. All our suppliers produce with international certifications that guarantee the sustainability of the products. You can check it in each product in our web.

We produce everything locally, with small ateliers we consider partners. That way, we can ensure all the people involved in the production process work with fair labor condition.

All our packaging is made with recycled materials and we kindly ask you to recycle it again. The labels we use are made from recycled paper and polyester. We think that every little detail makes a change.